Teaching JavaScript

I'm developing & teaching a course in the CIS department at UPenn focused on JavaScript programming and front end web development.

Scrobble Goggles

Native iOS application that allows you to take a photo of an album cover and scrobble its tracks to Last.fm. Hacked together with the Google Goggles API.

Bitcoin Poker

Online poker using bitcoins. Simple, polished responsive web interface built with AngularJS front end and Scala back end.

WebGL experiments

A cool little 3D graph animation using WebGL built with Coffeescript and three.js. Source available on Github.


Patchberry makes it easy for you to organize and share what you know on the web with beautiful lists of curated links and resources. Check it out live at the above link.

Design + UX Talk

Slide deck for a talk on web interfaces, design, and UX that covers common UI & UX heuristics and patterns. Delivered at PennApps Spring 2013.


RAID for your cloud storage services. Connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.net accounts into one big, fault-tolerant storage folder. Built at Facebook Summer of Hack.

Value for Gmail

Prioritize your inbox and get to the messages that matter most by assigning real dollar values to emails. Built at PennApps, a 48-hour hackathon.

developer \\ designer

College senior at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA). I build web products and design for print, web, and mobile. I'm inspired by startups, music, photography, art, typography, video games, New York, The Beatles, Star Wars, and Apple, among other things.

Mapping Musical Genres

A large printed poster that maps the development of major musical genres related to Rock, Electronic, and Hip Hop music over 1940–2000.

Electronic Synthesis Visualization

Twitter Correlations Between U.S. Counties

2013 in Music

An autobiographical data visualization about my music listening in 2013.

PennApps branding

Logo, website design, and creative direction.

Branding the Contemporary Fringe

Interactive branding experiment.

You Are The Product

Critical typography branding experiment.

Losing My Edge Letterpress Print

A graphical inpterpretation of a text using only typography. I used the lyrics from the LCD Soundsystem song "Losing My Edge".

Sound-based Vinyl Sleeve

A graphical interpretation of a sound. I picked the song "Nostrand" by Ratatat.

Levine (custom typeface & spread)

Codecademy Forums



Social lending tracker (riff off of Venmo).


Cloud data storage aggregation service with RAID.


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Landscapes, Nature